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Source of Funds - Every Dollar to Be Invested in the US Needs to Be Documented

We have dual qualified and Indian attorneys who can assist clients document the source of funds from scratch They can assist clients in compliances with the regulation of the RBI) If documents are lacking our attorneys can guide the clients in drafting the same The list of source of funds is non – exhaustive and source of funds vary from client to client and comes with its own set of challenges- Our experienced/ dual qualified attorneys help provide customized solutions Gift, secured loans, inheritance, liquidation of assets

Investors with either $800,000.00 or $1,050,000 to invest may be able to qualify for an EB5 visa. We are experienced at guiding Indian investors and through the EB5 immigration maze. While there are many issues that have to be addressed when applying for a visa, in our experience a common issue with Indian applicants is the ability to prove the source of the invested funds. We also caution all potential EB5 investors to be extremely cautious when choosing a regional investment center to work with.

Specifically for Regional Center

Investing through a Regional Center can be the easiest and fastest way to a “green card”. That said, choosing the right Regional Center is key. Choosing the wrong EB-5 Regional Center can lead to disaster, the loss of your money, and a failure to obtain a “green card”. There are now well over 750 Regional Center registrations in the United States. While we are not a financial advisor we can provide clients with accurate historical information on the success of different Regional Centers. We can also provide legal due diligence on the background and qualifications of Reginal Centers. A key question is to understand your law firm’s experience with complex structured finance. Without this experience your lawyer will not be able to fully understand the nature of the risks involved. We do due diligence of the Regional center which may include visiting regional center offices and interaction with top level management, seeking relevant information including track record of the regional center. Project due diligence- Immigration due diligence of the project to ensure law compliances Structured finance due diligence Due diligence of the parties involved in the project

For Direct EB-5

Approximately 90% of all EB-5 cases are filed through a Regional Center. By definition very few firms have any experience with “Direct EB-5” cases where a client invests in their own business or in a business that is not offered through a Regional Center. Davies & Associates represents clients from across India who are obtaining their “green card” through the “Direct” route. Business Plan Services- A business plan is MANDATED BY LAW in an EB-5 case and is CRITICAL. The US government will look at your original business plan both at the time of your initial filing and again when you apply to have the conditions on your “green card” removed.In a Direct case you must prepare the business plan yourself. A business plan needs to have a 5-year projection on how funds will be used- how jobs will be created. Davies & Associates has a team of specialists who prepare business plans for our clients. Incorporation and corporate services- This includes incorporating a company assisting with drafting corporate documents for the new commercial entity (NCE). We assist in project compliance and immigration due diligence, this is done so that the project compliances with US immigration laws and regulation of USCIS so that the EB 5 investors can make a qualifying investment to get a Green Card. TEA- Targeted employment area certification- We assist clients in getting TEA certification so that their projects can comply with half million dollar investment.

Our lawyers are drawn from the world’s very top law schools, business schools and “top 10” global law firms.

Our hallmarks are both excellence of work product and and excellence of service.

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